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Get wall mural ideas for Pre-schools, Daycare, schools and kids playrooms. Inspire a child's imagination and learning with wall murals that are educational and fun!

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Elementary School Bus Wall Mural   Playground Mural at Knollwood School   Playground Wall Mural at School   Playroom Wall Mural
Elementary School Bus Wall Mural   Playground Mural Knollwood School   Playground Mural Knollwood School   Teddy Bear Mural Window Wall Mural
Playroom Mural with Teddy Bears   Playroom Mural   Kids in Tree House Mural   Preschool Mural
Teddy Bear Mural in Open Play Area   Teddy Bears Wall Mural Playroom   Kids Tree Mural Preschool Murals   Preschool Mural of Sun, Sky &Flowers
Airplane Mural with Abc's   School Mural Abc 123   Preschool Art Gallery   School Gym Fitness Mural
Airplane Mural ABC Banner   School ABC & 123 Educational Mural   Preschool Art Gallery for Kids Art   Simi Valley School Gym Wall Mural
School Mascot and Inspirational Quote Mural   Jungle Tree Mural in Kids Playroom   Rainbow Mural in Of Preschool with painted Frames for kids Art   Ocean Theme Daycare Mural
School Mascot & Inspirational Mural   Jungle Tree Mural Playroom Jungle   Rainbow Mural   Ocean Theme Daycare Mural
Painted Sky Mural in Daycare Nap Room   Dress Up Mural in Preschool   Hebrew Letters Mural   Moon and Stars in Nap Room at Preschool
Painted Sky Mural Daycare Nap room   Dress Up Theatre Area of School   Cute Kids hold Sign - Hebrew Letters   Moon & Stars Daycare Mural
Border Of Cute Kids Faces in a Preschool   School Playground Cement Wall Mural   Playground Wall Mural at School   Daycare Tree Mural
Border of Cute Painted Kids Faces   School Playground Cement Wall Mural   Playground Wall Mural at School   Daycare Tree Mural
Painted Cabinets at Church Preschool   Painted Stripes on Cabinets at Preschool   Painted Bulletin Board   Painted Bulliten Board in Prexchool
Painted Cabinets Church Pre-school   Painted Stripes on Pre-school Cabinets   Painted Bulletin Board in Classroom   Painted Bulletin Board in Pre-school
School Playground Mural on Fence   Playground Fence Mural   Painted Fence Mural at Preschool   Painted Fence Mural at Daycare
School Playground Mural on Fence   Playground Fence Mural at Pre-School   Frog & Flower Fence Mural   Painted Fence Mural Ladybug & Flowers
Daycare Fence Mural   Painted Tree Mural Outside at a School   Bookworm Mural painted on Library Walls   Painted Sign on Wall To Cafeteria
School Playground Fence Mural   School Entry Painted Tree Mural   Library Mural   Painted Cafe Sign at School Mural
Painted Letters on Exterior of School   Painted Theatre Curtain Mural around Door   7 Habbits Tree Mural at School   Painted Bulletin Board in School
Painted Lettering School Mural   Theatre Curtain Painted over Door   7 Habits of Happy Kids - Tree Mural   Painted Frame Bulletin Board
Painted Bulletin Board Mural   Mermaid Wall Mural in Playroom   Playroom Ocean Theme Mural  
Hot Air Balloon Wall Mural
Painted Bulletin Board Mural   Mermaid Wall Mural Ocean Mural   Under the Sea Wall Mural in Playroom  
Daycare fence mural with Ocean Animals            
Ocean Animal Wall Mural on Fence            

Wall murals (above) include hand-painted inspirational quote, school mascot, educational airplane, story time tree reading corner, teddy bear wall murals, playground wall murals, painted fence murals, painted bulletin boards, striped cabinets and more!

Before & After paintings/descriptions of what clients asked for: Pre-School Painted Cabinets

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View (above) examples of wall murals in pre-schools and playrooms.