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Baby room wall murals can be custom painted to compliment fabrics, match bedding or go with a theme. See examples of baby girl and baby boy wall murals (below).


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Enchanted Farm Mural with Ribbon   Coral Tree in Farm Theme Wall Mural   Farm Theme Wall Mural   Frogs on Moon with Crowns
Enchanted Farm Ribbon Mural   Farm Animal Baby Boy Murals   Farm Theme Wall Mural   Royal Frog Mural Moon & Stars
Whimsical Frog Wall Mural   Frog Murals   Diva Frog Wall Mural for Girl   Vintage Hot Air Balloon Mural
Whimsical Frog Wall Murals   Whimsical Frog Wall Murals   Diva Frog Mural   Hot Air Balloon Wall Mural
Vintage Hot Air Balloon Murals     Giraffe Wall Mural   Tree Wall Mural in Nursery with Hills
Vintage Hot Air Balloon Mural   Painted Jungle Tree (silk leaves, stuffed animal monkey)   Painted Giraffe Neck & Jungle Leaves   Outdoor Theme with Lolling Hills
Baby Ducks Painted in Baby Nursery   Noah's Arc Wall Mural   Purple Ribbon Wall Mural   Ribbon Wall Mural Baby Nursery
Baby Ducks Nursery Wall Mural   Noah's Arc Wall Mural   Purple Ribbon Baby Girl Wall Mural   Baby Nursery Ribbon Wall Mural
Palm Tree Nursery Mural   Personalized Sports Locker Wall Mural   Row Your Boat Wall Mural   Whimsical Animals Wall Mural
Tropical Jungle Nursery Wall Mural   Personalized Sports Locker Mural   Row Your Boat Nursery Wall Mural   Whimsical Animal Wall Mural
Baby Room Mural   Ribbon Wall Mural   Serengeti Wall Mural Baby Room   Serengeti Baby Nursery Mural
Sleeping Pig Baby Room Wall Mural   Painted Name & Ribbons Mural   Serengeti Theme Baby Wall Mural   Baby Room Serengeti Mural
Baby Elephants Wall Mural   Sports Ball Painted Wallpaper   Personalized Baseball Jersey Wall Mural   Basketball Dog Wall Mural

Serengeti Mural Baby Elephants

  Sports Ball Wallpaper Look   Personalized Shirt Baseball Mural   Basketball & Dog Wall Mural
Cheerleader Teddy Bear Mural   Teddy Bear Playing Hockey Mural   Teddy Bear Football Mural   Personalized Garden Sign with Sunflower Mural
Cheerleader Teddy Bear Sports Mural   Hockey Sports Teddy Bear Mural   Football Sports Teddy Bear Mural   Personalized Garden Sign & Sunflowers
  Moon and Stars Mural in Baby Room        
Painted Paris Mural - Hot Air Balloons   Baby Nursery Moon and Stars Mural        
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If you are looking for an artist who really tunes into you and cares that you get the exact mural you desire in your nursery, definitely give Colette a call. 818-994-1441

Colette is available to custom create for you ...and she is good!


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Need wall mural ideas for a baby nursery? Examples of baby girl and baby boy wall murals above include: a hot air balloon, Serengeti theme, moon and stars, ribbons and bows, sports teddy bears, farm and jungle theme wall murals.)