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  Banana leaf wall border will compliment most jungle themed room decor. Tropical banana leaf wall decals are removable and self-sticking.  
  Banana Leaves  
  Banana Leaves Decals - Wall Border  
  sample of the layout (above) Banana leaves are designed to hang from ceiling edge.  
  actual sheet of Banana Leaf Wall Decals (below) click image  
click banana leaf image for larger view   (Black lines are not part of the design)
lines show separation of leaf pieces
To see photos of banana leaf wall decals installed go to our Photo Gallery.


Dimensions of sheet: 53"x11"


1 double leaf grouping (29" wide)
2 single leaves (18" and 19" wide)

(shortest leaf hangs 8 inches down from ceiling) (longest leaf hangs 10.5 inches down from ceiling)

Large Size Price: $40


Dimensions of sheet: 39.7"x 8.25"


1 double leaf grouping (21.5" wide)
2 single leaves (13" and 14" wide)

(shortest leaf hangs 5.75 inches down from ceiling) (longest leaf hangs 8 inches down from ceiling)

Medium Size Price: $30

Banana leave art is designed to hang from ceiling edge.

Goes great with Jungle Theme Canvas Wall Art

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  Banana leaf wall decals will create a unique wall border in any jungle themed room. Removable and self- sticking banana leaves are easy to install - Fun, do-it-yourself wall art.